Mondays with Mark - A Good Steward


Are you a good steward?  What are you a good steward of?  Can you guess what the topic is? It's something most of us would like more of.  To learn more, click on the video above! 

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Mondays with Mark - Verses To Live By


Mark will make a suggestion for your summer book reading. Listen to his recommendation and if you choose to read the book, send him an email with your comments. [email protected]

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Mondays with Mark - Celebration of Life


Here at LifeMark, we reference a watermark and used that to represent what we referred to as your LifeMark. In other words, what “Mark” will be made because you lived. The choices you make on a daily basis will make up your "mark". Each choice you make will have a lasting impact on your life and your legacy. Listen as Mark talks about the most important decision we need to make this week.



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Mondays with Mark - Eye Surgery


Last week Mark challenged us to Think Differently. This week he is sharing his eye surgery experience to challenge us to See Differently. Watch the video to "see" if your eyesight is good.  

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Mondays with Mark - Think Different


Are you surrounded by people who think like you? Do your acquaintances challenge you to think differently? Listen as Mark tells us how to Think Different. 

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Mondays with Mark - Good News


When the service man says he has good news and bad news. Which one do you like to hear first? Mark gives us some bad news and some really bad news today. Stick with Mark to the end for the best news ever.

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Mondays with Mark - March Madness


Do you prefer to watch team sports or individual sports? How about team sports vs partner sports?  We are all participating in a race. Are you on a team or running alone?  Write down the questions at the end of this video and think on them this week.

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Mondays with Mark - Fears

prayer trust Apr 22, 2024


What are some of your fears? Mark provides a list of the top 10 fears that are commonly experienced by people. Take a listen to the list and see how many of them are on your list. Fear can be debilitating, and it can lead to other unhealthy behaviors. Listen as Mark explains how fear can lead to other negative characteristics.

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Mondays with Mark - I Don't Care

faith jesus wisdom Apr 15, 2024

I Don't Care

Recently, people have become increasingly divided, leading to fractured relationships. Despite this, Mark appears indifferent or so the title may suggest. Listen to learn why Mark may not care.

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Mondays with Mark - Are You Ready?


Mark is big on being prepared. It's easier to react to a situation when you have done work in advance to prepare yourself. What do you need to be prepared for? Why do you need to be ready? Click on the video above to learn more.

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