Mondays with Mark - Bless Your Heart

god gratitude Oct 23, 2023

"Bless your heart" is one of many phrases commonly used in the south. In today's episode, Mark considers another phrase he often hears Believers say and why he thinks we should say it more often! Click on the video above to learn more.

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Mondays with Mark - Funeral Songs


You may be surprised by the top 10 most played songs in the 20th century -- #1 is "Over the Rainbow." Check out the other 9 as well as the #1 funeral song -- you'll never guess it -- simply click on the video above to watch today's episode of Mondays with Mark.

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Mondays with Mark - Priceless Christmas Gift #3

For the last two weeks, we have talked about two priceless gift that came in the form of a baby:  Eternal Life and the Abundant Life!  Today we talk about the third priceless gift:  the opportunity to see God!  Learn more by watching the short video below.

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Mondays with Mark - Priceless Christmas Gift #3 from LifeMark Ministries on Vimeo.

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