Mondays with Mark - The President

bible voting wisdom Aug 27, 2023

Election season has certainly begun! What are the primary qualities you are looking for in a candidate and why do they matter most to you? Click the video above to learn more in today's episode of Mondays with Mark.

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Mondays with Mark - Flawed

america prayer voting Jun 28, 2021

Many people in society today would like you to think that America has a past that is so dark, it's irredeemable! While we certainly have our flaws, it's important to recognize the history of this great nation and the lessons we have learned along the way.

In today's episode, Mark briefly considers this history and suggests some practical steps you can take. Click on the video below to learn more! 



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Mondays with Mark - The Election

america voting Nov 01, 2020

Tomorrow is the "big day" we've all been anticipating! In a year that has been challenging to say the least, this election has had it's own unique circumstances. With that in mind, Mark shares some thoughts about the election and how we, as Christians, should respond. Learn more by watching the video below!



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Mondays with Mark - Presidents' Day

pray voting Feb 17, 2020

Did you know today is Presidents' Day?  If you've seen the sales promotions this weekend or have a child or grandchild in school, you probably do know...otherwise, you may have missed this sometimes-overlooked federal holiday.  Mark has a special message this morning for each of us on this holiday so don't miss it!  Simply click the image above and have a great day!

Mondays with Mark 2-17-2020 Presidents' Day from LifeMark Ministries on Vimeo.

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