Mondays with Mark - Talking Points

bible spiritual warfare Jul 03, 2023

If you listen to the news these days, it isn't difficult to discern the set of "talking points" that guests use to create the narrative they want to give. Sometimes there are reliable facts involved, and sometimes, it's just a way to "spin" a version of the truth.

It's important that the listener know the real truth in order to filter out the errors or lies being presented. The same is true with regard to spiritual teaching. 

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Mondays with Mark - Fragility of Freedom


Presidents' Day is a national holiday for Americans to honor those who have served our nation at the highest level. On this Presidents' Day, Mark shares a special message on the fragility of freedom. To learn more, click on the video above!

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Mondays with Mark - Parable of the 4 Soils


Jesus often taught using parables, and one of Mark's favorites is the parable of the four soils found in Luke 8:5-8. In today's episode, Mark encourages us to heed the warnings found in this parable and to be intentional about what is the focus of our lives. Click on the video above to learn more!

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Mondays with Mark - Lite Church


Unfortunately, too many Americans have been brainwashed into thinking that sinful behavior is not only "normal" but should even be celebrated! How should the church respond? How should you respond?

In today's episode, Mark looks at some practical steps believers can take to stand up and speak out in a loving and gracious way. Watch the video above to learn more!

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Mondays with Mark - Control


Sometimes it feels like things are out-of-control, doesn't it? It might be a difficult situation at work, in your family, or in society, but regardless of the setting, it can leave you frustrated and even angry.

In today's episode, Mark talks about what the Bible says we CAN learn more, click on the video below!



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Mondays with Mark - The American Church

Have you noticed an alarming trend in our nation of persecution against those who are willing to speak the truth about sin? In today's episode, Mark gives a sobering message about this and encourages each of us to stand strong, armor up, and pray fervently.  Learn more in the video below!

Mondays with Mark 8-17-2020 The American Church from LifeMark Ministries on Vimeo.

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Mondays with Mark - Preparing for Storms

It's Spring in Texas  pollen counts are high, baseball has begun, and storm season is just around the corner! Are YOU ready?

More importantly, what about the storms in LIFE
 are you ready for those? In today's episode, Jennifer Hicks (who serves on the LifeMark Ministries Team) talks about how we can prepare. In addition, we've included a worksheet to help you develop your own personal Storm Plan.  Simply click here to download it.

MwM - Preparing for Storm Season from LifeMark Ministries on Vimeo.

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Mondays with Mark - Fighting for God's Good Gifts

Have you ever heard someone say that the Christian life should be easy because God WANTS to give you an ideal marriage, good kids, a great job, financial riches, etc.? Some people think that when you follow Jesus, you shouldn't have any more difficulties. 

While it IS true that God enjoys giving good gifts to His children, we still live in a fallen, sinful world so sometimes we have to FIGHT to keep those good gifts.

In today's episode, Mark talks about how the nation of Israel had to FIGHT for the good gifts that God gave and what we can learn from their experience.   What good gift do YOU need to fight for?

Mondays with Mark - April 2 - Fighting For God's Good Gifts from LifeMark Ministries on Vimeo.

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Mondays with Mark - Forgetful, Faithful, & Fruitful

Is something in your past preventing you from being FULLY utilized by God for HIS plans?  Learn how you can follow Joseph's example in today's episode...

MwM - March 19 - Forgetful, Faithful, and Fruitful from LifeMark Ministries on Vimeo.

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Mondays with Mark - A Christian's Response to Evil

spiritual warfare Nov 12, 2017

Today we're going to do something a little different for Mondays with Mark. In light of the multiple tragedies we have experienced in our nation recently, we've written a 2-page response with some tangible steps you can take to encourage you in the midst of these difficult times.  

CLICK HERE to read it.

In addition, we would like to ask each of you to intentionally intercede in prayer on behalf of the victims of these recent attacks and their families. God's family is hurting, and we have the opportunity and obligation to support them in faithful, diligent prayer. Although we are not physically in one location as a body of Christ-followers, we can join in one voice to our Father in Heaven!  

Next week we will resume with our regular Mondays with Mark videos with a special Thanksgiving edition for you so be sure to watch for that!

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