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Make an eternal mark with your life – your eMark!

In a culture where truth is relative, we lose the foundation upon which our entire society is built. The terms “justice” and “fairness” get tossed around casually as buzzwords, being redefined because there is no anchor to ground them. Wisdom and aging are no longer valued, discipline is viewed negatively, and people are constantly striving to achieve success from the world’s point of view.

But they soon find out that worldly success doesn’t last. It fades – often too quickly. People are left feeling empty & hungry for more. They drift through life without purpose and without direction.

At LifeMark Ministries, we believe the solution to America’s problems can be found in God’s Word. To that end, we are developing resources to engage and equip people to identify and meet today’s challenges from a Biblical perspective, leaning not on our own understanding, but on God’s.

We all desire a lasting purpose in our life. What were we designed to do? What will fulfill us? What difference will our life make? This is the purpose behind LifeMark Ministries – to guide you to boldly use your God-given talents and abilities to make an eternal mark with your life – your eMark.

We do this through two avenues:

As time passes and should the Lord continue to lead and bless, we’ll continue to add tools, workbooks, study series, and more to help believers live victoriously in Christ.