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We all "know" we should spend more time reading God's Word. It's the one tangible tool we have to daily anchor our hearts and minds and set our focus on God. Along with prayer, reading God's Word and applying His principles to your life are key aspects of the Christian life. But too often, the reality is that we get busy and distracted, and our time with God gets pushed aside.

Can you relate? In Romans 7, Paul talks about his internal struggle, saying "…for I am not practicing what I would like to do, but I am doing the very thing I hate." We live in a society that offers a lot of things to fill our time -- many of them very good things. But none are as important as spending time daily in His Word.

Does your church or ministry need to be rejuvenated? Consider hosting a LIFE Conference in your community! You can choose which messages Mark teaches in a 24-48 hour time period and then use our Bible study materials after the conference to encourage your group to dive deeper in the Bible.

Contact us to find out more!