• In a unique way, Mark has combined his vast experience as a Christian businessman, financial planner and life coach to give us a clear, easy guide to follow on how to age with honor."
    Lois Evans
    First Lady of Oakcliff Bible Fellowship
    Sr VP & Founder of The Pastor’s Wives Ministry with The Urban Alternative with Dr. Tony Evans

  • Aging with Honor calms the fears when navigating the turbulent waters of growing older."
    Rob Pine
    Vice Chairman, Board of Trustees for Christian Care Centers, Inc.
    Executive Director and CEO of ChristianWorks for Children, Inc.

  • Filled with sound stewardship, practical advice, and easy-to-follow worksheets, this indispensable guide provides financial protection and peace throughout each stage of retirement."
    June Hunt
    Founder, CEO of Hope for the Heart

  • My wife, Bonnie, and I have found immense benefit in answering the questions and applying the directions of Aging with Honor."
    Ramesh Richard PhD, ThD
    President, RREACH; Professor, Dallas Theological Seminary

  • The succinct and pragmatic form of this book will support all of us in making the correct decisions about the aging process."
    Tom M. McDougal, DDS

  • In over 50 years of practicing medicine, the two most common words I have heard are 'If only…' In Aging with Honor, this problem is eliminated."
    Kenneth H. Cooper, M.D., M.P.H.
    Founder of The Cooper Clinic (a Cooper Aerobics Company)

Aging With Honor  Workbook

This workbook was written to guide children through the process of honoring their parents as they age. It covers a variety of issues in five individual segments:

  • Financial Needs
  • Medical Needs
  • Logistical Needs
  • Relational Needs
  • Spiritual Needs

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